• Strawberry & Raspberry torte

    From £55.99

    A light vanilla sponge layered with homemade raspberry jam, fresh cream, raspberries and strawberries. Decorated with chocolate lace collar around the cake and more cream and fruit on top.

  • strawberry torte

    Strawberry Torte

    From £43.99


    This strawberry torte is a multi-layered dessert elegant enough  for the fanciest dinner party. Vanilla sponge layered with homemade strawberry jam, fluffy fresh cream and strawberries. Finished with roasted  walnuts and fresh strawberries.



  • Red velvet cake

    From £49.99

    Three-layer cake of fluffy, cocoa sponge, filled with thin layer of raspberry jam and white chocolate mascarpone cheese flavoured buttercream. An impressive centrepiece for a party, this red velvet layer cake will really show someone you care.


  • Cherry Celebration Torte

    From £55.99

    A light and fluffy cocoa sponge is infused with cherry liquor syrup, layered with  cherry compote and filled  chocolate  and vanilla buttercream. Glazed with chocolate ganache. Decorated with chocolate pieces of your choice.