8 inch

  • meadow cakemeadow cake

    Meadow cake

    From £55.00
  • dinosaurus cakedinosarus cake

    Dinosaur cake

    From £60.00
  • Unicorn celebration cakeCelebration cakes for kids

    Unicorn cake for kids

    From £55.00
  • Coffee torte

    From £45.99

    This is definitely a cake for coffee lovers & the perfect accompaniment to the  afternoon tea. Delicate chocolate sponge layers, enriched with coffee liquor and chocolate syrup for deep indulgent  flavour, filled  with  decadent coffee buttercream.



  • Black Forest Gateau

    From £54.99

    Three layers of  cocoa sponge are infused  with the famous cherry liqueur, Kirsch. The filling is loaded with juicy kirsch infused cherries and freshly whipped cream and German buttercream so in every bite, you get a lovely burst of deliciousness! It’s certainly a cake that would be fit for any celebration!


  • Mandarin & Pineapple torte

    From £43.99

    This is truly one special cake. Light in texture and sweetness. A simple, moist sponge cake layered with fresh cream and fruit. Refreshing and silky.. This is one scrumptious  dessert that you must try!

  • Oreo torte

    Oreo Torte

    From £55.99

    A  three decadent & rich chocolate layers sponge filled with Oreo buttercream and crowned with a dark chocolate ganache drip and even more Oreos..it makes  this torte.. an Oreo lover’s dream.

  • Raffaello torte

    From £45.99

    Raffaello torte has a delicate almond and coconut flavour. This elegant cake  made with an almond sponge soaked with coconut milk and filled with a white chocolate and coconut buttercream,topped with a Raffaello truffles, chopped almonds  and shredded coconut.It is hard not to fall in love with it from the first bite.

  • Raspberry torte

    From £50.99

    When it comes to berries, raspberries are definitely top of the line; their flavor is unrivalled, and it just makes sense to feature them in a celebratory dessert.Light  vanilla sponge  filled with homemade raspberry jam and topped with a delicious and creamy raspberry buttercream.Perfect combination of sweet and tangy!This raspberry layer torte  is the ultimate pretty in pink dessert for berry lovers.

  • White chocolate & ginger cheesecake

    From £16.99

    This combination is mind-blowing, despite the differences in two flavours. It is very refreshing,  and at the same time very light and creamy cheesecake. The warmth of the battery ginger biscuit crust works well accompanied with  creamy vanilla and white chocolate. It is a perfect choice for everyday celebration.

  • The nostalgia of big tortess

    Kiwi torte

    From £40.99

    It’s a  surprisingly refreshing cake. Pretty, light, and delicious. Every bite melts in your mouth and you’ll find yourself reaching for more and more. This light vanilla sponge layer torte, filled with zesty lemon curd whipped cream and vanilla buttercream and fresh kiwi fruit  is a delicious flavour combo where you simply can’t go wrong!

  • Marble torte

    From £45.99

    Swirls of chocolate and vanilla sponge make this stunning marble cake too enticing to resist. My Marble torte  is made up of three sponge layers filled with plenty of deliciously rich dark chocolate buttercream and white chocolate buttercream. It’s the perfect cake for people who love both – dark AND white chocolate.

  • Dulce de Leche torte

    From £45.99

    This delicious dulce de leche torte has three light and fluffy sponge layers, covered in blackberry jam, slices of banana and silky dulce de leche mascarpone buttercream. The top is glazed with chocolate ganache.

  • Strawberry & Raspberry torte

    From £55.99

    A light vanilla sponge layered with homemade raspberry jam, fresh cream, raspberries and strawberries. Decorated with chocolate lace collar around the cake and more cream and fruit on top.

  • strawberry torte

    Strawberry Torte

    From £43.99


    This strawberry torte is a multi-layered dessert elegant enough  for the fanciest dinner party. Vanilla sponge layered with homemade strawberry jam, fluffy fresh cream and strawberries. Finished with roasted  walnuts and fresh strawberries.



  • Red velvet cake

    From £49.99

    Three-layer cake of fluffy, cocoa sponge, filled with thin layer of raspberry jam and white chocolate mascarpone cheese flavoured buttercream. An impressive centrepiece for a party, this red velvet layer cake will really show someone you care.


  • Cherry Celebration Torte

    From £55.99

    A light and fluffy cocoa sponge is infused with cherry liquor syrup, layered with  cherry compote and filled  chocolate  and vanilla buttercream. Glazed with chocolate ganache. Decorated with chocolate pieces of your choice.

  • Carrot cake

    Carrot Cake

    From £20.99

    This moist but still light cake with a rich, nutty  flavour , filled with mascarpone  buttercream. It is  just how it should be creamy and sweet.